ONNO T-Shirt Company

Boulder Colorado USA


If you’re not sure which ONNO t-shirt you need, bamboo is a good place to start. Silky and soft, ONNO’s bamboo t-shirt is designed to be worn every day. It’s a mid-weight t-shirt, and like all ONNO t-shirts, is designed to move with you. Built for running, climbing, and work, bamboo is what we wear most often. We recommend having lots of these in your closet.

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ONNO’s hemp t-shirt has textured, durable feel, which will improve with time. Industrial hemp is a tough fiber and results in a tough t-shirt. We’ve worked hard to make this t-shirt soft and comfortable. ONNO’s hemp t-shirt is mid-weight and will keep you a bit warmer than our other t-shirts, which you might like in the fall or winter. If you love hemp, you’ll like this t-shirt.

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Organic Cotton

ONNO’s organic cotton t-shirt is soft and minimal. When we say minimal, we mean thin. You’ll feel that you’re wearing almost nothing which is good if you’re in hot place. The surface of this t-shirt has a flat look and does not look fuzzy or thick. For us, this is essential, and gives the ONNO organic t-shirt a look and feel that we love.

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ONNO’s pima cotton t-shirt is mid-weight, buttery soft, with lots of bounce. It’s designed to breathe which means you’ll be able to wear your ONNO pima t-shirt on hot days, even though the fabric is moderately thick. You will immediately notice something very different about the way this t-shirt looks and feels. Yes, we think this t-shirt is special, and very much hope you’ll agree.

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Good T-Shirts

For us, good t-shirts mean starting with fibers which are sustainably grown – bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and pima cotton. ONNO t-shirts are made in small, family-owned production environments where people are treated well. ONNO buys carbon offsets to balance the harm we do by moving t-shirts from here to there. ONNO’s home in Boulder, Colorado provides the setting where we continuously work to make you happy by creating the best t-shirt we can.

Problems with
Conventional Cotton

Okay, we like a soft cotton shirt too. But growing conventional cotton is particularly rough on the environment. Cotton is the largest crop behind corn in the United States and consumes 10% of the world’s pesticides (that’s two billion pounds) and 25% of the world’s insecticides (we don’t know what that weighs but it’s a lot). Cotton growers typically use many hazardous chemicals including aldicarb, phorate, methamidophos and endosulfan. There are at least 20 types of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides, many of which were originally developed as toxic nerve agents during World War II. These chemicals harm people, wildlife and the environment. In addition, conventional cotton requires a tremendous amount of water to grow: 106,000 cubic feet of water per acre. That’s a lot of water. Can you see why we can’t get excited about using conventional cotton?

Wholesale Partners

We like to make large quantities of organic t-shirts, and deliver them quickly. It’s fun. We’re good at it. We’re responsible, and organized. We return your calls and emails — quickly. We take your deadlines seriously. Orders received by 10am MST will ship the same day. Feel free to put pressure on us. We’re used to it. If you need small quantities or even one shirt, that’s okay too. We maintain substantial inventories. We’d love to provide organic t-shirts for you.