Good T-Shirts for the World™

When I was four, I would reach behind my neck, grab the tag on the inside of my t-shirt and rip it out. This generally left a large hole in my shirt. T-shirt tags bothered me then and bother me now. Today, ONNO t-shirts have a silky soft tag that I can’t feel at all. ONNO was started in 2006 and I’ve been focused on making Good T-Shirts since then.

For me, Good T-Shirts start with eco-friendly fibers, need to fit great and feel great, and all the people we connect with (factories, warehouse, office, shipping, and you) need to be treated well. We need all of this for our t-shirts to be Good.

I’ve personally sourced the yarn used to make ONNO t-shirts. Ours yarns are somewhat eco-friendly.  I say ‘somewhat’ because our GOTS certified organic cotton for example, still requires a significant amount of water to grow, so even though it’s organic, it’s not perfect.  It is however better than conventional cotton – which requires huge amounts of pesticides which end up in our rivers and soil.  This in turn wreaks havoc on our environment. For example, I think the disappearance of honey bees, colony collapse disorder, is linked to the use of these pesticides. Using sustainable fibers help move things in the right direction.

Of course Good T-Shirts also mean that You need to love wearing your shirt. I studied mechanical engineering in college, here in Boulder, and have always loved designing stuff. ONNO t-shirts have 23 primary measurements. I’ve been adjusting those measurements since 2006, and continue to think about them today. Our t-shirts fit well, I hope you’ll agree. I’ve also worked on our fabrics to make sure they breathe well, and have good ‘mechanical elasticity’. Elasticity is what allows you to move comfortably in your shirt, without feeling constricted – which is essential for a Good T-Shirts.

You can’t make Good T-Shirts without good people. I do my best to work with people who are fun and of the highest integrity. ONNO is partnered with two small-family owned factories. You can read more about our t-shirt production here:   FACTORIES

If you’ve bought an ONNO t-shirt – thank you. If you have time, let me know your thoughts about ONNO, our shirts, or anything for that matter. Your feedback is vital and shapes my thinking about how to keep improving.


Jack Kanefield