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    Bamboo Clothing

    While your shirt may not have a lot of flavor, bamboo clothing does make the mouth water. The touch and feel of bamboo clothing is sensual, a chocolate fountain pouring down over your skin, liquid. ONNO's bamboo clothing comes in the colors easiest to remember; black, white & un-dyed. At least that's what we started with and then we decided, natural fabrics, let's throw in some 'natural' colors, so we've got a brown to symbolize the soil, the bark on trees, coffee beans, pine cones, beetles and cockroaches. There are some that are brown and if you get past the fact that the cockroach is crawling on your cupboard, the shiny laminate-like brown of their wings would make a beautiful nail polish color and an even more beautiful t-shirt color. It's almost the color of mahogany. Deep, rich brown. As much as we think cockroach-wing-brown would sell, we have decided to name our brown espresso brown, because even if you don't drink coffee, who doesn't like the smell of it. Put on our shirt and inhale. It might not smell like espresso, but that deep breath of air will fill your lungs, wake up all your cells and get your day going.

    ONNO also offers moss green bamboo clothing. Reminds me of hikes I've taken after a good rain when the moss seems like an emerald, a jewel emerged from the earth, soft, spongy and filled with healing waters from the sky. Our moss is as soft as a summer's day, silky like a blade of grass as long as you rub it along the flat part, those edges can cut a mean sting into your skin. Lying in our shirt is like lying on a bed of moss, you sink right in, stretch out and feel the comfort.

    Because we have the earth, the soil, the moss, we must also have the sea. Without water, nothing grows, not even our bamboo clothing that grows on our special bamboo trees. Our blue shirt will sway you with its silky texture, like a tide softly lapping against a shore, you will be transported into a world of dophins, sea otters, trout, crab, lobster. Or you can go to Red Lobster in your shirt and eat the creatures that have flourished in deep blue sea. Or maybe you prefer Le Bernadine in New York. They take reservations and bamboo clothing is welcome.

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