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Bamboo Clothes

Why bother with bamboo clothes? I donít know. Do you like clothes that caress your skin as you wear them? Would you like to feel as if you were wearing your pajamas all day long, while in reality you were wearing bamboo clothes that feel just as soft and comfortable as your pajamas?

We have you covered. At ONNO we make bamboo clothes. We also make hemp clothes and organic clothes, but on this page, the page that we built especially for bamboo clothes, just so we could tell you how much we love them, we want to talk about bamboo.

We get asked a lot why we choose the fabrics we choose. Because we like them. We believe in making shirts that we want to wear. And we do wear them. Every day. Seconds, hours, days, months and years have all gone into the creation of our clothing. In fact, we like bamboo so much that we have even made a long-sleeved bamboo shirt. That means it doesnít matter if there is rain, shine, snow or fog outside, you are taken care of with bamboo.

Bamboo clothes have a reputation for being anti-microbial, and wicking sweat. That means our shirts donít hold in your fantastic, wonderful, beautiful body odor. We figure there are enough places where your BO can gather, like in those old school real wool sweaters. Have you ever tried to get the funk out of one of those?

Besides that, our fit is flattering for men and women. Our womenís bamboo shirts come down to the hip so your belly doesnít hang out. There are plenty of places to find belly shirts, but our store isnít one of them (when you get to a certain age, do you really think you should be flashing your belly?)

In essence, we are looking out for your best interests by creating long-sleeved and short-sleeved bamboo t-shirts that are going to help you look good, look respectable, feel good and maybe even want to smile. They make me want to smile, but then again, life makes me want to smile because life is good, isnít it? When you live in a town with over 200 days a year of sunshine a year, whatís there not to smile about?

So if you are ready to take the plunge and get an ONNO bamboo t-shirt, or if you have already have one and are back for more, click one of these buttons to take you to Womenís Bamboo T-Shirts and Menís Bamboo T-Shirts.

If you want to send us feedback on what you think about our product, we love emails. Above all, we want our customers to be happy, satisfied, comfortable people.